And again

Reposted from a FB friend “also: how does anyone (ok, I mean artist mothers) have time to make the art and blog about it too?”

My current answer: you don’t. At least I don’t. Right now. The (somewhat more) quiet moments where the ideas are crafted into languages are also the prime moments for simply…… being quiet. While at MacDowell, I imagined an inspired frenzy of writing and posting, but while the writing happened, as did the dancing and planning, I found myself in love once again with simply thinking and moving; with allowing that first thought or gesture to turn over without judgment and unhurriedly find its way to the better version of itself. Working was inspired and fulfilling, but not frenzied. And then echoes from my childhood “….be gentle with yourself”……..

So, this is my quiet window. I have stolen it. I should be sleeping. I should be working. There is something vitally important that is not getting done. It may be one of the busiest times of my year, but the year is so young and this new incarnation of teaching/working/living is still unwieldy. So who knows. In the larger context of this piece, it reminds me of those moments of choice -when do you push and when do you let go? I am catching back up. Not pushing, just a gentle nudge. And with this brief note, I give myself permission for a few more minutes of quiet before the sleeping child beside me propels my day forward (with the assistance by my ever-sprawling to do list) Good Morning All. Be back soon with more “crazy beautiful”


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