crazy beautiful is

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everything we know seems to shake, erupt, heave and shift in finding balance. do we? what does it look like when we run into our roughest edges? who lets us know what we should feel and when? and how did they decide?

crazy beautiful: performance of a question on the nature of experience, expression and the parts of ourselves we are never sure we should show…..

also residing in this notebook: work by CA Conrad, Lori Waselchuk, Frank Sherlock

thinking about:

our relationship with allegorical quests or tragic heroes

our perception of behavior during emotional extremes

Omeros | The Little Prince | The Old Man and The Sea |Jonathan Livingston Seagull


all natural processes are at homeostasis. With any major change in emotion there is a reconfiguring of our understanding that then resettles for period of time. We try to maintain a static equilibrium rather than accept the dynamic equilibrium that seeks balance by continual shift. What is it in our nature that is so uncomfortable with our emotional processes? What do we show and what do we feel we must hide? This set of visual and textual and choreographic information begins to coalesce now. At some point it will cohere and the piece will begin to take more specific shape. Right now, the back and forth of information provides a track that helps me to find a way to what Crazy Beautiful will become.


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