Today in the notebook. Music. 

Last Friday, Jennifer Morley and I were exploring the possibilities of the front window performance space David Catanch stopped by with his grandson. Out of curiosity. They chatted and hung with us for a while, discovering that David is an improv musician who has previously worked with a dancer or two, but hadn’t played in a while. He promised to come by today. And did. It was a fantastic duet and I’ll post more soon, but here’s just a teaser……
This is why this project exists. Thank you David. He promised to come back and has an open invitation, so we’ll be doing lots more together. stay tuned.

David Catanch jammin in the #opennotebook


(art) on the ave

I have been in residence now for a few months at 3808 Lancaster Ave, but have been resistant to writing too specifically. This new notebook (generously funded by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage) is testing the theory of a hybrid research/performance space; process as product. For now, it is still primarily a research space. It is exhilarating and terrifying to expand like this. What I love about this is the unapologetic messy outpouring of ideas. What I am proposing will try to craft it without editing its content. So if I stick to the discipline and integrity of the idea, I am shaping raw content into form/performance; editing without removing. Directing. Your attention. As possible. I am curious.

I am looking forward to tomorrow morning. Details to come.